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Licensed Professional Painter   Drywall   Wallpaper Removal   Faux Finishes  

I am the owner of Livingmurals.  

A licensed painter by trade with 26 years experience in the Northern Virginia Area

located in Lynchburg Virginia since October 2013.


My experience in this field includes new construction, production work,

quality custom color residential paint, real estate resale repaints,

restaurant redesign and retouch maintenance, exterior house paint,

drywall repair and finishing, wallpaper removal,

custom color faux finishes, and wall murals.  

With expertise in brush work, caulking, and drywall finishing,

an atmosphere can be painted where a room once was.  


When oil paint was popular I excelled in brush work which enables me to paint a room with a

3 inch brush in a matter of a few hours.  Working alone I am able to complete entire rooms

of Faux Finish in relatively the same amount of time it would take to paint three coats of

custom color paint due to my training in production painting.  

This experience comes in handy when producing Multi Layer Faux Finishes as well as

Crackle, Sandwash, Custom Color Stripes, Venetian Plaster, Bellagio Faux, and Wall Murals.  


Over the course of time of creating Custom Faux Finishes for particular jobs a collection

of Faux Finish Samples came into existence which I have named "The Sample Gallery".  

These Samples accompanied by several fan decks of colors and an experienced eye

for space have allowed me to offer my customers truly unique decorating options

without the additional expense of interior design consultation.  


Before I began painting homes by trade I worked to gain my experience as a freelance artist

by doing wall murals, outdoor signs, seasonal window painting, business card design, logos, calligraphy, oil paintings, theatrical scenery and low to no budget advertisement for the same.  


Livingmurals Professional Painting and Drywall Services features the painting of Anita Pribik.  

Employees are hired on a job to job basis when needed.  Typically work is not subcontracted

through Livingmurals however other contractors are referred periodically.  

Painting and Drywall contracts generally include a Down Payment of half the contract quote,

a Progress Check, and a Final Payment.  

Visa, Mastercard, and Discover are accepted at Livingmurals for your convenience.  

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Anita Pribik  

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"Livingmurals" Campbell County,  Lynchburg Virginia 24502  

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