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Decorative Finishes are Wall Murals.  

Every Wall it's own Canvas with it's own Design.  


Affordable, Washable, Hand Painted, Faux Finishes Promise

Timeless Beauty for Years to Come.  


"Livingmurals" Custom Faux Finishes are created to fully utilize the space your walls provide

by decorating them to their utmost capacity with Paint.  

Surround yourself with the living space your walls provide, don't let your walls surround you.  

There exists no room that is too large nor small for an intense, dynamic, dimensional, professionally applied, custom designed Decorative Faux Finish.


The walls of your home are the majority of your investment as a homeowner.  

Completely Faux Finished Homes increase in value considerably during resale.  

Typically the walls are never painted again and look as fresh as new for years to come.

 The tendency to notice the walls rather than running into them results in far less dents and dings.  


Visit "Livingmurals" Sample Gallery to view Samples from the Collection.  

Hand Painted Stripes, Crackle, Sandwash, Venetian Plaster


 To view the Sample Collection in it's Entirety "Request An Estimate".

A request for an estimate includes a free color coordination consultation!


Hand Painted Stripes   Crackle   Sandwash  Wall Murals   Venetian Plaster

Marble Faux Finish Closeup - by Livingmurals Paint

Marbling Technique