Professional Painting and Drywall Services





Yes I will paint or repair drywall in one room for you.  


Better still, I can paint your entire home for you, even that hard to reach foyer and impossible looking stairwell.  Not only will it be painted, the walls will have no more dents, dings, nor annoying nail pops.  Forget about the cracks around your baseboard and crown molding too,

caulking is also included in the estimate. Need help choosing colors?  

Color coordination consultations are free of charge.  


How can all of this be affordable you ask?  

I know how to paint.  


The preparation is the most important part of professional results.  

None of my time is wasted with applying tape to create straight lines.  

A three inch brush and a well trained steady hand have that part of the job done in half the time it

would take to tape a line that "looks" straight.  

With a brush, roller, pan, drop cloth, and plastic, a room can have two coats of paint applied in the

same amount of time it would take to prepare a room to be painted with a paint


My painting projects begin with a drywall knife and caulking gun.  

Without those tools in the hands of your painter, a room will never have

that professionally painted "look".  


Why spend your money on professional painting when you are unsure that you will have

professional results?  


Call Anita Pribik at "Livingmurals" to be sure.  

Over 30 years "hands on" professional painting experience will be brought to your next project.






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