Professional Painting and Drywall Services







Residential and Real Estate Painting

to include your Entire Home

at an Affordable Price.  


Restore your home to that "Brand New"

look before you Sell!  


Renew and Refresh now to enjoy

your house before you Sell

or for several years to come!

Having the interior of your house painted is much like moving to a new home.  All of the delicate collectables have to be safely removed from the space. Your artwork is removed from the walls. Curtains and blinds come down, the furniture is shifted out of place.  

Electrical outlets and switch plate covers are removed, and the dust bunnies of the past are swept away amidst all of the activity.


There is more than meets the eye when choosing a Paint Contractor.  

Trust has to be established before the project begins.  You have to be sure that your belongings are in good hands and the painter has to be comfortable enough to assume your space as their own.  

When these two conditions are met, the expedient and professional results

you expect can be accomplished with ease.


 Whether you are redecorating, refreshing your space with color, or preparing it for resale,

the environment you intend to create is exciting and new.  

The hustle and bustle of moving every item in your home can become stressful.  


Eliminate stress from the equation with expertise.  Enjoy the professionalism of over 30 years

hands on Painting experience that Anita Pribik brings to you.


Choose "Livingmurals" for your next House Paint Project in Lynchburg Virginia.

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