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A colorful walk through of space lives in my

mind and is captured within these walls.  


Wall Murals, Sky Scapes, Oil Paintings, Custom Decorative Faux Finishes.  


All without names, dates, nor spaces of their own,

they exist here.


Living room and the freedom to express yourself is defined by walls. There is always a limit

to the amount of furniture you can place in a room and still have space to live. Each wall has a

definite capacity to hold your memories in the form of photos, artwork, and sculpture.  


When choosing paint colors and designs, one often tends to decide in favor of those

that do not make the room look too busy.  

A relaxed atmosphere is usually the goal when creating an environment for the home.  

Applying paint to an area to reinforce it with color and "pull all of the items together"

suggests that the walls of your home are commensurate or perhaps more important to the

unification of your self expression than any item you have chosen the space to contain.  


The value of a well painted home is significantly higher than one that is not

much like professionally framed artwork increases the quality of the piece.  

Knowing that your heart is in your home, "Livingmurals" strives to fulfill your paint

endeavour with everlasting quality and value.  


House Paint does not stop at choosing a certain color for every area of your home at Livingmurals.  

Wall Murals, Sky Scapes, Faux Finishes, and Oil Paintings are options!

Wall Murals   Sky Scapes   Faux Finishes   Oil Paintings   House Paint

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